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Livejournal is dead. Long love livejournal.
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Hey everyone, long time no update!
Goto http://flawedlogic.vox.com/
for all the latest updates on our trip to iceland!
Don't forget to post comments! (rach can check on her mobile)

Cheers, photos when I get back!
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don't try this at home kids..

Martin showing his cooking skills, on my roof.

Jurrasic Park!
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A rather quick update
Dad moved in, lovely house - will post photos later if anyone gives a flying under the radar crap.
Lots of stuff from Ikea taken from the ikea man and put up in the house, as you do.
Quick run down of the last couple of days., I hate this keyboard 'ergonmiecaagfgeeg' my arse.
Thursday - woke up, dad came over at lunch and we loaded the van full of stuff, drove over to mocks and got a load more stuff loaded in, then drove down to derby picked up a shed load of things from ikea (seriously its like living in an ikea magazine at the moment). Drove back to house and unloaded everything
Friday - ikea unpack, re-build maddness, got everything up and then went down the pub and got pissed.
Saturday - woke up with a cold which has been hanging around me all week but decided to finish me off on this day, lounged around quite a bit then went into town and got VERY drunk. Wine plus beer plus rum = ian not know much.
Sunday - woke up feeling like death, threw up, walked past sue who said something along the lines of happy easter! and thrust a large quantity of chocolate things into my arms. Growned and went back into bathroom to throw up once more.
Fell asleep. Woke up. Posion removed, am now typing.

God damn this is horrible to read, what happened to my grammer. Oh thats right its SHITE.

err.. thats about it really, probably staying for another day or two.
Read one of the emails sent to my dad " Stop your bloody moving around will ‘ya! Are you and the Mrs. in a witness protection program?"
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Ian is currently rocking out to (and re-discovering)

Thanks to Rach - Everyone say Thanks Rach!
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Ian is currently listening to..

And loving it greatly.

In other news I found a sock. GO SOCKS!
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I'm back.
During my visit I did the following.

- Drank beer
- Cut down a tree
- Took down a power cable using a falling tree branch
- Took down a phone line using same object (although a different branch)
- Got to use a chainsaw
- Got to use headgear with ear muffs and a visor and everything!
- Listened to a report from a 6 year old girl that my dad had sawed through a 6 inch tree trunk using a 'bread-knife'
- Played with my dad's new tv (30" lcd)
- Drank some more beer
- Drank some wine
- Drank some whiskey
- Went to sleep drunk
- Climbed a few things

Got back home, hurray!
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Let this be a lesson to thyself. Try not to drink Tequila.
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Picture thing everyones doing at the moment
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